Food and Health safe flooring systems are designed to use at health and food care environment. This super hygienic seamless resin flooring system eliminate seals every pore and crack leaving the entire surface exponentially more hygienic for safe food and health. The durability of FloorFlot food grade flooring system is excellent and designed to withstand heavy equipment and traffic handling, chemical and food spills and resistant to damage caused by heavy dropping.


Food & Beverage processing Flooring

Water bottling plant and factory Flooring

Healthcare & Medical Flooring Systems

Science & Technology Flooring

Restaurants , commercial hotel kitchen Flooring

Meat Processing & Abattoirs

Seafood processing

Dairies and Wineries

Bakeries & Confectioners

Food packaging and food service environments

Food grade floors are subject to hot oil spills, fats, acids, heavy foot, trolley and forklift traffic, harsh cleaning chemicals and sanitizers and need to be heavy duty and impact resistant as well as impervious to any liquids that can be spilled or used in the cleaning process. FloorFort EF – food grade epoxy flooring system designed to meet all these challenges with anti slip rating. This seamless finishing system eliminate the chance to grow germs and bacteria in grout and seams.

Key Features To Meet The Requirements Of Food - Industry Floorings Effective cleaning with chemicals without effecting the floor resin Non-absorbent to grease, food particles or water Water flows easy to drains and avoid harbourage of pets Waterproof, stable and durable. Excellent chemical and oil resistant