Cementitious flooring

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CL 11-Commercial Leveling Compound:

Cement bases

Very Low emission

Produce flat and absorbent surface for the subsequent laying of all kind of flooring products

Pump able

Self smoothing’

Almost tension free

Easy to grind

Suitable for under floor heating

For thickness up to 3-5 mm

K 301- Fast Setting resurfacing and leveling compound :

Suitable for internal and external application

For smoothing and resurfacing paths, drives, parking areas, courtyards, etc

Cost Effective solution for smoothing rough or impact damage concrete

Fat setting-walk able after 2-3 hour

Rapid hardening can withstand light vehicular traffic after 48 hours

Easy to mix and apply-pump able

For thickness from 2-20mm in a single application

Can be used with suitable resin coating

K -80- Rapid drying industrial topping/wearing surface :

COST EFFECTIVE-Topping system available

STRONG- withstands heavy wheeled traffic and has excellent abrasion resistance

DURABLE –produces wearing surface in commercial and industrial area

USER FRIENDLY- K 80 can be install from 5-10 mm over existing concrete surfaces

VERSATILE- can be receive a range of surface finishes include suitable resin coating, tile & natural stone

Rapidry Formula

A-45 – Rapid drying & hardening internal repair Mortor:

Receives finishes after 1 ½ half regardless of thickness

Slump free- ideal for vertical & horizontal repairs\

Ideal for rapid repairs of internal concrete, Screed, Renders and concrete steps.

Other application including forming ramps, Falls & coves, Patching around fittings/ pipe work, and filling

cracks & Gaps.

A-46- Rapid Setting & hardening External Repairs Mortar:

For infilling holes around fitting & patch work on wall & floor areas

For internal & external Use

Rapid Hardening

Walk able- in 2-3 hours

For repairing stirs, treads and risers

To produce gradients for ramps

To smooth wall & floor areas

From 2-30 mm thick

Easy to smooth & float

Stress & crack free

Earring surface in lightly trafficked areas

Ideal for patch repairs prior to the application of suitable dam roof membranes

A-46- Rapid Setting & hardening External Repairs Mortar :

Floor covering can be install after as little as 15 min true feather age allows for greater coverage

COST EFFECTIVE- Upto 50 m2 coverage per 11 kg bag

Exceptional bond to plywood, concrete, smoothing compounds,terrazzo & ceramic Tiles without the need to prime.

Easy to mix & Apply, Just add water

Can be applied at the Minimal thickness, if a thin smooth surface is required