Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Innovative Polycoats provide best Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Maharashtra. It is the best Industrial Epoxy Flooring manufacturers, suppliers, traders and distributors Company in India. Each manufacturing operation present unique challenges that call for precise flooring solutions. In adding to adding visual notice to developed facilities, warehouses, or factories, industrial epoxy and additional high performance resinous floor coatings can help improve workers’ efficiency, as well as support their health and safety. Like many plan and engineering decisions, site conditions play a key role in the type of floor coating that should be applied. For instance, food and beverage produce plants, storage facilities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical plants require high performance and sanitary floor surfaces that are easy to clean and resist abrasion, staining and deterioration from chemicals.

The name Cipoxy is synonymous with epoxy range of floor toppings. Cipoxies are known for their excellent self-levelling, high gloss and toughness, though they have apparent drawbacks such as low flexibility, poor impact resistance and the open molecular structure allowing for higher filler loadings.
Cipoxy SL 1000 and Floortop 1000 are generally applied on floor areas that demand exceptional performance and hygiene such as clean rooms, bakeries, dairies, health care, food processing and pharmaceutical production areas.
Cipoxy CG, a two component clear self levelling system based on a modified epoxy resin and a specific grade of cyclo-aliphatic amine curing agent, is recommended for the performance enhancement of the pigmented floor toppings. From thin coatings to self levellings, eipoxy floorings are industry's work horse floor toppings today.

Innovative Polycoats has a wide range of industrial flooring systems that offer fantastically resilient and durable workhorse surfaces, ideally fitted for the hard working situations of the industrial zone. We offer the whole business floors answers to suit the needs of our customers. Whether you require chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy masses, ease of renovation or all of the above, we can be able to offer a satisfying answer for you.
We are basically specialists in Epoxy Flooring, PU Concrete, Polyurethane Coating, Antistatic flooring, Chemical Resistant Floorings, Deck Coatings, Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Densi Polished Floors (Ashford Formula), Commercial Flooring & Resin Floor Systems in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Our great portfolio of performance flooring products provide the power required to address a whole host of conditions whether or not it's far business coatings and joint-free self-leveling epoxies via to heavy responsibility polyurethanes and epoxy mortar structures.
All our industrial ground coating structures are joint-loose, delivering an unbroken end with no cracks or crevices to harbor dust, dust and bacteria. This makes the surfaces person-pleasant to clean and hold and guarantees hygiene between wash cycles.


Excellent gloss

Self levelling characteristics.

Excellent toughness and compressive strength

Good chemical resistance

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