Densi Polished Floors

Densi Polished Floors Innovative Polycoats provide best Densi Polished Floors in Maharashtra. It is the best Densi Polished Floors manufacturers, suppliers, traders and distributors Company in India. Densi Polished Floor is a new concept in industrial flooring. Densi Polished Floors is not just exposing the rock in the concrete mix. Key liability grinding machines, equipped with progressively finer grits of diamonds impregnate discs; gradually grind the concrete surface, which is then densified with Nano Lithium silicate. The hardened and densified surface is then polished with high speed polishing machine.

Exhibiting superior durability, low maintenance and high performance, it is no wonder why warehouses, retail and office facilities are opting for polished concrete floorings as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum or coated concrete. Every facility owner is catching on to the appeal of these smooth, high-lustre floors which require zero maintenance and are green.
Densi Polished Floors are for those areas where concrete needs densification and polishing and have now become the logical choice for those who look for performance, cost savings, reduced maintenance and aesthetics.
Densi Polished Floors involve three processes such as grinding (till the grains are exposed), densification with Nano Lithium Silicate and then polishing with sophisticated diamond polishing machines.


Zero maintenance

High luster

Enhanced strength

No coating, no peeling

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