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WPM 300 :

Water based epoxy membrane.


WPM 300 is a two component, high build, water based epoxy polyamide membrane/barrier coating with excellent resistant to hydrostatic pressure and good bond to damp surfaces.


Excellent adhesion to damp surfaces and freshly laid green concrete.

Water resistant: prevents rising damp and efflorescence.

The cured membrane will withstand hydrostatic pressure of 25m head of water (when applied directly to the substrate) and 40m head of water (when used wet on wet over WPM 200).

Can be over coated using almost any decorative or industrial finishing paint.

Conforms to requirements of CFTRI and international standards (AS/NZS 4020:1999 and BS 6920:2000)for use in contact with potable water.

Coverage Estimates

Pack Size Coverage
20 litres Approx. 1.5m²/ltr in
Part A 10 litres 2 coats @ 600 microns
Part B 10 litresWFT
WPM 004 :

Acrylic modified flexible cementitious waterproof coating


WPM 004 is a two component, acrylic modified cementitious waterproofing compound. It has been uniquely formulated with special polymer to increase its strength. WPM 004 is based on the most advanced acrylic polymer technology and is totally resistant to re-emulsification.


Flexible : accommodates minor cracks

Protect the concrete from long term weathering

UV stable : Can be left exposed

Water based : safe to use, low odour & easy cleaning

Excellent bond with cementitious substrates

Self primeds

Non toxic : Can be safely used as internal waterproofing of potable water tanks.

Coverage Estimates

Pack Size Coverage
20 kg Approx. 14 m² / kit
Part A 5 litres @ 0.8 mm - 1.0 mm
Part B 15 kg thickness for two coats
Advantages of Waterproofing:

    Water absorption can be decreased.

    Prevents the formation of cracks on the concrete floor.

    The appliance is easy.

    It will increase the lifetime of a solid construction.

    It prevents corrosion of reinforcement

Disadvantages of Waterproofing:

Bitumen-based products soften in the summer heat because the black color has restricted life due to solvent evaporation.

The polyurethane protective coating shouldn’t be very versatile.

Polyurethane protective coating delays the natural breathing capability of concrete

The polyurethane protective coating has a restricted pot life, the impermeable floor coating permits water to form below the floor coating.

Cementation waterproofing is the inability to maintain the cracks, which causes further leakage