Concrete Repairs & Grouts

B 30

High str ength, cementitious, non-shrink precision grout


B 30 is an advanced, cementitious, structural grout. It has a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates and additives. B 30 is versatile and can be prepared to be of flow able or pump able consistency by adding the required amount of clean water. This free flow able grout can be used in gap width of minimum 10mm.


B 30 is used in precision grouting of heavy machinery base plates, compressors, generators, and other equipment demanding high strength properties. It is used for grouting of anchor bolts and prefabricated concrete panels. B 30 is also suitable for general bore packing and void filling requirements.


Controlled expansion ensures rigid bond between base plate & concrete foundation.

Versatile: can be prepared to be of flowable or pumpable consistency.

Chloride free and non-corrosive

High compressive strengt

Suitable for grouting operations of gap width of 10mm - 100mm

B 40 :

High strength, non shrink, free flowing cementitious micro concret


B 40 has a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates and additives to improve the flow and physical properties. B 40 is non shrink micro concrete that exhibits excellent flow, free from segregation and bleeding. It is recommended for large volume vertical or horizontal structural repairs wherever the use of formwork is preferable to hand applied repair systems


Large volume concrete repairs

Repair of corrosion damaged concrete.

Jacketing of beams, columns and other structural

elements for strengthening

For pile head re-profiling



Very high and ultimate compressive strength.

Low permeability: provides very good protection against Carbon dioxide and chlorides.

Self compacting: ensures complete void filling of the repair area.

Versatile: suitable for application thickness of 20mm - 200mm