What is PU Concrete

Polyurethane Concrete is a highly durable, seamless resinous flooring system that is designed for heavy-duty applications. It merge 2-part polyurethane technology with collections, Portland cement and other additives to create a highly functional sticky matrix.

What is a advantage of pu concrete

Higher temperature resistant High impact -resistant and shockproof Chemical resistance Resistant to corrosive or abrasive chemicals Good leveling properties

What is a use of PU concrete

PU concrete is generally used for floors and surfaces that are subject to mainly high stress and therefore have to survive a lot.

What is PU coating on floor?

Polyurethane Floors are an alternative to epoxy flooring. They can be either one-component (moisture curing) or two mechanisms when they cure as a result of mixing two mechanisms together. The most mutual forms of polyurethane flooring are Roller and sponge applied Floor Coatings.

How do you apply PU flooring?

Polyurethane floor surfaces are easy to apply, and they cure quickly.


Plan Application.

Sand Floor.

Clean Dust.

Tape Walls and Trim.

Cut in Edges and Corners.

Finish Floor with Applicator.

Sand before Recoating.

Installation of Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Installing such coatings should only be done by specialists. However epoxy is easier to use, polyurethane floor coatings are faraway and more difficult to apply. Polyurethane is very delicate to moisture. The slightest bit of moisture can reason a chemical reaction. We are not just speaking moisture in the substrate, but also moisture in the atmosphere.

Polyurethane, once cured is very tough to re-coat without doing some prior surface planning first. But even trying to sand a polyurethane surface is difficult. For example, smoothing an epoxy surface is fairly easy. But a PU coating due to its anti-scratch nature does not scrape as easily.

I have talked in the past about my dreams with clear coatings. Polyurethane clear coatings often have difficulties with surface tension. Another issue is that they are very sensitive to micro-dust, which can lead to the dust getting surrounded. Cementations polyurethanes require attaching prior to applying the floor. Also, since most PUS tend to cure quite quickly you need a well-ordered and experienced staff to apply the floor quickly without any difficulty Especially in schools, yoga studios sports services and even sports facilities such floor coatings are considered suitable and safe.