Water Proof Coatings

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Advantages of Waterproofing:
  • Water absorption can be decreased.
  • Prevents the formation of cracks on the concrete floor.
  • The appliance is easy.
  • It will increase the lifetime of a solid construction.
  • It prevents corrosion of reinforcement.
  • Also, prevents dampness inside the building.
  • Also, prevents dampness inside the building.
  • It prevents seepages from the ceiling and walls.
  • This reduces the maintenance coast of the building.
  • The property value can be increased.
  • It supplies a healthy environment; good waterproofing system helps in making a clear living workspace.
  • It protects the property as well as the people present therein.
Disadvantages of Waterproofing:
  • Bitumen-based products soften in the summer heat because the black color has restricted life due to solvent evaporation.
  • The polyurethane protective coating shouldn’t be very versatile.
  • Polyurethane protective coating delays the natural breathing capability of concrete
  • The polyurethane protective coating has a restricted pot life, the impermeable floor coating permits water to form below the floor coating.
  • Cementation waterproofing is the inability to maintain the cracks, which causes further leakage