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High Performance Coatings

High performance coatings represent Cipy's continuous R&D efforts to curb the menace of corrosion with coatings of a few microns' thickness. The significance of these coatings is the utilization of high performing polymers having outstanding physical and mechanical properties.

Ceramic epoxies
Cipoxy CER 100 is based on a specially developed epoxy resin blended with high-wearing ceramic particles. This coating, when cured at ambient temperatures, forms a highly resistant film which has a very low friction features and thus used as internal coating on pipelines where the fluids have smooth flow because of anti-friction characteristics.

Spray applied epoxy linings
Epithane 100 EA is a solvent-free epoxy lining applied by single air-less spray which yields a thickness of 1-2 mm with multiple passes. This is used as internal coating of pipelines carrying water, seawater or waste water. Epithane 100 EA is extremely resistant to various chemicals.

Waterborne DTM coatings
A part of green chemistry, Aquoxy DTM is a water based direct to metal coating. It has excellent adhesion to metals, passes salt spray for 500 hours and can be top coated with either waterborne or solvent borne coatings.

Siloxane coatings
The most innovative among protective coatings, engineered for perfection, Cipoxane 75 is an epoxy-siloxane based coating which has outstanding performance compared to epoxies and urethanes. These coatings are meant for long-lasting protection of steel and concrete against the most aggressive corrosive environments.

Glass flake coatings
CipoFlake coatings represent Cipy's foray into high performance glass flake coatings employing various chemistries such as polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, novalac epoxy and novalac-vinyl ester. CipoFlake coatings are recommended for severe service conditions which utilize chemical grade flaked glasses. The glass flakes overlap and stratify to create maze like structure that is 15-20 times more impermeable than the polymer alone.
CipoFlake PE 100 : polyester glass flake coating
CipoFlake EP 100 : Epoxy glass flake coating
CipoFlake EPN 100 : Novalac epoxy glass flake
CipoFlake NVE 100 : Novalac vinyl ester glass flake

Anti-fungal coatings
Incorporating anti-fungal additives, Durathane AF 45 is an aliphatic polyurethane topcoat recommended for food grade applications. Tested at premium laboratories for anti-fungal properties.

Heat resistant coatings
Incorporating silicone resins and their hybrids, Cipy offers heat resistant paints which are resistant up to 600C. These paints are used to coat chimneys, silencers etc.
Cipysil 57200 : resistant to 200 C
Cipysil 57400 : resistant to 400 C
Cipysil 57600 : resistant to 600 C