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Cipy offers different types of primers based on different electrochemical characteristics, depending on the types of corrosion encountered.

Sacrificial primers
The sacrificial primers work on galvanic principle, in which zinc metal is being consumed to protect steel. There are two types of sacrificial primers, which are generally called as Zinc rich primers: inorganic and organic.

Inorganic silicate primers
Cipozinc 100
Cipozinc 70

Organic Zinc rich primers
Cipoxy 25 : epoxy zinc rich
UreZinc : MCU zinc rich

Barrier primers
These primers act as protective barrier between steel and corrosive ions ( electrolytes)

Epoxy types
Cipoxy 21 : epoxy redoxide primer
Cipoxy 23 : epoxy zinc phosphate primer
Cipoxy 41 : epoxy redoxide primer
Cipoxy 43 : epoxy zinc phosphate primer
Cipoxy 63 : epoxy-phenolic primer

PU types
ACPC 60 : High solids PU primer
ACPC 50 : PU redoxide primer

Surface tolerant primers
These types of primers are recommended where elaborate surface preparation is not possible.
They have excellent adhesion on compromised surfaces.

Epoxy type
Cipomastic 90 : high solids epoxy mastic
Cipomastic 70 : 70% solids epoxy mastic

EPU type
Cipothane 65 : surface tolerant epu primer