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Roll-on Coatings

Roll-on, thin to thick floor coatings (from 100 microns to 300 microns) form a significant part in Cipy floor coatings' spectrum. These are the coatings to meet every demand of the industry, applied by roller or brush. Cipy employs various technologies like urethane, epoxy, epu, pud and wbe to formulate roll-on coatings.
FK 111 : high abrasion resistant urethane coating
FK 2000 : wear resistant PU clear coating
Aquafloor : water borne PUD coating, 1K
Toughfloor : water borne PU roll-on coating, 2K
Cipoxy FC 100 : epoxy based thin coating
Cipoxy FC 110 : epoxy based roll-on coating
Cipoxy FC 300 : epoxy based, solvent-free coating
Cipoxy AQF : waterborne epoxy coating
Cipothane 50G/M : epu based roll-on coating
Spartikote FC : polyaspartic thin coating