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Chemical Resistant Floorings

Innovative Polycoats offers specially developed floor coatings to withstand spillages of high concentrations of acids, alkalies and chemicals. Based on different chemistries like highly cross-linked chemical resistant urethanes (CRU), vinyl esters and novalac epoxies, Innovative Polycoats CRF systems deliver superior performance against acidic, alkaline and chemical spillages. These CRF systems are highly recommended for chemical, fertilizer and process industries. Among the CRF floorings, the multifunctional epoxy phenolic novalac flooring, Cipoxy EPN 100 is extremely resistant to concentrated acids, alkalies, solvents and a variety of chemicals.

CRU : ARC 70
Vinyl ester, bisphenol A type : Cipyester 100
Vinyl ester, Novalac type : Cipyester 100 NV
Novalac epoxy : Cipoxy EPN 100