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Epoxy Self Levelling

The name Eproxy is synonymous with epoxy range of floor toppings. Cipoxies are known for their excellent self-levelling, high gloss and toughness, though they have apparent drawbacks such as low flexibility, poor impact resistance and the open molecular structure allowing for higher filler loadings.

Eproxy SL 1000 and Floortop 1000 are generally applied on floor areas that demand exceptional performance and hygiene such as clean rooms, bakeries, dairies, health care, food processing and pharmaceutical production areas.

Eproxy CG, a two component clear self levelling system based on a modified epoxy resin and a specific grade of cyclo-aliphatic amine curing agent, is recommended for the performance enhancement of the pigmented floor toppings.

From thin coatings to self levellings, Eproxy floorings are industry's work horse floortoppings today.

Key features

Excellent gloss
Self levelling characteristics
Excellent toughness and compressive strength
Good chemical resistance